How long have you been at Studio 26?

Though I’ve been practicing hair styling for more than 30 years, I am a recent addition to the Studio 26 team. The Hair Styling business has been in my family, starting in my father’s salon. I have developed my craft in successful salons in suburban Philadelphia.

Motivation to be in the Beauty Industry.

Since my teen years, I’ve had a natural affinity for art and visual design. In addition to hair styling, I love to work with handcrafts and flowers especially. There is nothing better than the smiles I get from my clients.

My Specialty.

I have always loved haircutting as a form of sculpting the face, and working with the latest coloring products and techniques. It’s all about making people look their best.

Something Fun about Myself.

I have a weakness for Golden Retrievers, and I love to bake cookies, cakes, & pizza. I also love the RV lifestyle, traveling with my family and friends.