Skin Care Services

What are the benefits of a professional facial?

As we age, cell renewal rate slows to about thirty to fifty days (as a child is was approximately seven days), that is why aged skin can look dull and soggy.

A good daily skin care regiment at home is important, but a professional facial and facial massage can go much deeper than most home treatments.

Anyone can benefit from a professional facial treatment. By removing deep impurities in the pores and nourishing the cells, it assists is slowing the aging process and delivering a more refined, healthier, smother complexion.

Most skin care professionals recommend a professional facial every 6 weeks to remove dead skin accumulation and allow beautiful skin to naturally radiate a healthy glow.

$90    Studio 26 Soothing Facial

This facial will leave skin clean, hydrated and healthy. It is designed for all skin types. Enjoy a relaxing facial massage with heated mitts and booties

$135    Caviar Lift Off Mask

Amino acids, oligo-elements and phosphipids add to caviar’s natural anti-aging properties and provide radiant skin renewal.

$85    Pumpkin Peel

This treatment begins with a thorough cleaning and toning. A mask of pure whipped pumpkin, pineapple extract, honey and green tea is applied and allowed to penetrate. The treatment finishes with an application of deep moisturizers, leaving your face firm and toned.

$90    Rosacea Cooling Facial

This wonderful facial takes extra to desensitize, cool, repair and sedate tender, over-stimulated skin.

$125    Bellanina Facelift Massage

Treatment is the most luxurious, safe and effective method of treating the problem of sogging, aging skin without surgery.